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    Well, it's like this. They doubted whether the dark cloud was created by the little duck, so they did not agree to let the little duck be their disciple before, but this matter must be investigated clearly, so they They asked me to come here to find you, and I want to know from you what the situation was like at that time. Lanning Xiaoxi thought for a moment, then whispered, "I think we can treat them a little better, even if it's true that I don't like them either, but I can't stand them have calculation ability, if you can become their disciple, the calculation ability in the future will not be much, and you will not show your strength in this Zhanzheng university. Who dares to say that you is a deserter? Everyone will choose to forget on their own. When the time comes, with some positive praise from these teachers, you will become a self-sacrificing existence in the blink of an eye, and everything will immediately come to a 360 degree flight And 180 degree back and forth rotation operation!"

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    don't understand why this Porphyrin is so arrogant? Hasn't he been cultivating a little longer than us? Does he really feel that he is invincible? Isn't the actual situation a monster abandoned by Van Co Dam? ! He also said In order for the two of us to solve the problems of these students, what should we do? This person is dying slowly, the speed of even death seems to be without cost. Desperate, he doesn't really think we can fully motivate the students in this yard, right? He's still threatening me here and saying that if we can't do it, he will kill us directly? It's embarrassing to say it. This!" The teacher who had just been scolded by porphyrin said first, "Anyway, I don't want to care about it right now, isn't it death? After they all die, we can relax, no matter what. Again, except for a few survivors who returned from the last time Skymark opened, the rest are just one or two seedlings, and There are many cases of mass destruction! we?"

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    After Bo Da finished speaking, he also stretched out a finger to point towards the ring.

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    That's right, the main reason is, the man with the S-rank medal is a little older, his temples are gray, his head is completely bald, this is the true meaning of an old cow eating young grass, smelling like you don't know. shy. " Mi Qixin soothed Bianzui, "Now that my sister has said so, I feel relieved. There is definitely nothing wrong with our bodies. We also received detailed instructions on serving at a young age. As long as Lanning Wang Han can give us the opportunity to serve, we can definitely cooperate with both of you to make him feel something called a surprise!But what I'm worried about now is whether the party will you give us this chance to perform... How can we find this man? He is now a man with an S-class medal, I don't know how many people around me will pursue him.”

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    Damn, Lanning's Wang Han takes hormones? How could he get an R-rank medal? One person looked at Butuo worriedly, he was clearly doing something interesting just now. All his clothes were still very messy, "It seems we have a very bad relationship with this Lanning Wanghan, and we gave him the name whiteboard arrow god! So I don't know if he knows now we did this! If we don't know, we still have redemption error. If we know, then we are not cool! This Li Luyuan is in no way a man with an R-grade medal in Lanning Wanghan The one who protects us in front of us! He can even throw socks All problems are directly on us! By then we will be finished!”

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    It seems that Lei Yun has the ability to change the quality of the original source, but this ability is quite weak, it can only weave the original quality down, so that the next result is lightning. It has no means of achieving such. The weaving level, that is, the result of the result, is itself. If it can use power quality to repair itself, the final effect will definitely be more exaggerated! But what needs to be done is not just for Leiyun to have this facility, the most important thing is to optimize its overall logic.”

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    "Hmm... So can you help me answer some questions?" Vuong Han spoke slowly, his eyes drifting there quietly, motionless.

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    It's a pity, if this guy Ly Lo Nguyen comes to me again after a while, maybe I can improve my current fighting style even better, and then I can take advantage of this Ly Lo Nguyen. Lo Nguyen to test my ability to deal with my vitality. quality." I have the ability to weave fabric." Vuong Han looked at Ly Lo Nguyen standing in front of him, feeling a little depressed, but sometimes things are like that, you can't just want something like that to become like that. This I heard that Ly Lo Nguyen is aggressive, God only knows what this guy's purpose is.

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    "The lower the computing power, the lower the computing power, but the method of each individual level is the same, can use quality resources, after a long time, the scale will increase, can reach get positive returns."

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    “This is the smell of stewed chicken…” Gan Qian stood stunned on the porch, the air filled with an unusually seductive atmosphere.

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    Hey, we've been here a while, but haven't you noticed that this place isn't as cruel as the rumors say? The girl next to Qianqian said to Qianqian while they were resting. It's been a month since they arrived at the stadium. According to Thien An that the students that year said, this can be said to be extremely dangerous, especially for the survivors, who, like demons, can live. Survival in this place depends not only on whether you are capable or not, but also on whether your luck is good or not! So before coming to Thien Ngan, she was fully prepared, even the will and other things were fully prepared, but after arriving, she discovered that this place seemed to be like that, "I heard them said there are monsters everywhere, that's right, you can meet them if you just walk around, but now we will find these monsters, they are like precious existences, after finding saw them, the teacher actually explained to us on the spot, there was a kind of reluctance to kill them With the appearance of such a monster, I don't even know whether the dangerous situation I heard about Was it true before?"

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    At the same time, next to Vuong Han and Manh Mong, there were piles of Nightmare Stones piled as high as hills. These Nightmare Stones had been picked apart and eaten. In recent years, many relics have been found, Hall 3, Hall 5. With good intentions, these guards did not embarrass Vuong Han. They knew clearly about their relationship with Khuong Cuu, so there was no need to fight, so they directly gave the treasure chest to Vuong Han, rather than protecting it. The best bodyguard that Vuong Han ever met, possibly a girl, on the one hand whispered many things to Vuong Han, on the other hand gave Vuong Han more than 20 boxes of Nightmare Stone, Vuong Han was also stunned at that time. , looking at her posture, this girl looks like a fruit wholesaler. Since when did nightmare stones become such an everyday item.

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    Lanning Xiaoxi was standing still in place at this time, but if she felt that she was about to move, then she was moving, and if she felt that she was stopping, then she was really stopping. care about other people's opinions about nature, follow your own heart, then you can directly communicate with nature, and you can directly write down this wonderful substance that has both virtual and real state... Movement and reality here Moment If you don't move, does it matter in the next moment? These are the most important things to understand when communicating with the source.

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    The last time Skyline was opened, Porphyrin had come back again, on the one hand, dispatching Penglai's disciples, and on the other hand, also returning to the main village of Wangu Pool to check whether the Nuo Qianjin group was there or not. have any problems, and ask Lots of them.

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    However, even though the master and servant Vuong Han and Manh Manh handled this matter very calmly, after they actually found this relic, the expressions on their faces were suddenly extraordinary. amazing! This place is completely different from the dark ruins before. After Vuong Han and Manh Manh entered the ruins, they could see that there was obviously a lot of light on the walls of the ruins. If you looked closely, the painting This beautiful wall is made up of smooth brick and white stone. There are depressions one by one, in these depressions there are beautifully decorated oil lamps, these oil lamps are added together, seen from the top At the end, this was a well-lit street. Vuong Han's vision was already very good, and his physical combat effectiveness was quite excellent, but in this kind of situation, he couldn't see the end at a glance. , could only stand at the door looking at Manh Manh.

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    "It's okay, I passed, no need to retake the test, but I forgot to tell the center, that is, don't spread this kind of thing everywhere, it's not good to disturb others' normal lives. " Vuong Han helplessly held his forehead, so to speak, speaking carefreely.

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    “Last time I tested my calculation ability I got 1000 points, this time my final test result was 2048 points.” Vuong Han calmly looked at the center that showed the calculation capacity data, "Not bad, not bad... Not too bad, just a direct increase of 1000 points, that's a statistic that hardly satisfies me." heart a bit... So, considering the current situation, what is the limit of my computing power? Regarding the rate of increase of power, I am still bursting out the computing power hidden in the virtual sea before, and I wouldn't say that I have encountered a real bottleneck... ? Or 10,000 points? Point? Or one hundred thousand points?"

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    Vuong Han answered very simply: "It just happened to fall from the sky, so they came in like that. They didn't seem to pay attention to my whereabouts. As for the monsters outside, I let Manh Manh has dealt with them, these things are out of the question." by her. What, maybe in ten or twenty minutes, all this external stuff will disappear."

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    “Don't thank me yet, I haven't finished my words yet.” The tree man's expression was a bit gloomy, "I remember clearly that you ignored me for more than forty days, it was also because of you, some of my friends did not cooperate, leading me to accept a little duck with no talent. and direct entry! Is there any way for this duckling to get an R-level medal! And if the duckling is under the door, there is no way to get it in 3 years. If I want to get the R-level medal in a short time, I have to accept a lot of compensation! According to my current hunch, this duckling won't be able to pass the r level medal in ten years, let alone three years, the super level medal appraisal! So our side has basically compensated the center!"

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    But as soon as he pushed the door in, he frowned and immediately closed the door, muttering in his heart: "Could it be that I opened it the wrong way?"

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    “They are…” Porphyrin was about to introduce himself, but before he could say anything, he still said: “Forget it… Anyway, this name seems like you gave it arbitrarily, Dad, remember it well. After a few seconds, I forgot everything. After practicing, if I ask you if these two names are familiar, you will most likely shake your head."

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    “Is there a problem with Phac Xan Liet?” This thought flashed across everyone's mind, it was simply impossible to push it to Phac Can Liet, otherwise, if Phac Can Liet was so prone to problems, then what was Phac Can Liet? doing! This center is extremely intelligent in Zhanzheng University, and no individual state or county interferes with it, so there will be no such kind of fallacy, it all relies on its own hard power ! So the problem arises at this moment!

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    "That's right, Butuo, you have to remember, you have to remember, this Lanning Wanghan looks easy-going, looks like a harmless little sheep!"

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    Porphyrin stood next to hear Giang Lam Phong's words, also very much agreed, thinking in his heart: "Every time my disciple meets again, the overall increase in combat strength always reaches a powerful level, this time it directly reached My master's existence. It is estimated that his overall judgment level is A level. I have not participated in his growth process at all, but this is his most terrifying state, no one knows. How big has he been to endure under this kind of strength, but now it seems that his strength is really the same as what Jiang Linfeng said, he can be alone in the sky, even without If you don't risk your life to challenge those groups of monsters, and go to some really scary places, then it won't be a big deal if you want to survive!

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    In the communication between two people, in the eyes of outsiders, this is a man and a woman who have a very good relationship.