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    Is it naturally here or was it brought here later? She wasn't sure, but from the small black thread-like joints all over the ground, she could guess that there must have been a battle in this place, and the outcome of the battle was definitely victory. of the opponent, otherwise these bugs would not have Only existed in these floating lands honestly like this would definitely appear and bite people. Then she held the knife and looked around the entire ruins. After confirming that there were no people around the ruins, she slowly walked along the entrance to the ruins towards the ground, carefully straightening her ears to listen to the sounds. sounds in the ruins. the correct result was She could hear the sound of something rubbing against her head.

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    Standing in front of the Lanning family and looking at Li Luyuan's family, you would think that Li Luyuan is just an annoying existence that keeps coming to find fault, but standing on the side of Li Luyuan's family to look at Lanning, this is the feeling. Therefore, this kind of right and wrong has been debated for a long time. It is actually a matter of dividing interests. If Lanning Situ directly found Li Luyuan's family members to carry out this project together, then the final matter would definitely change. not like this At least two countries and human districts The great family will not play your game on this matter, and I will play mine.

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    Okay. Vuong Han didn't know that Lanning Tinh Do still had this kind of thing. He had almost read Lanning Tinh Do's thinking light ball before, but he hadn't seen any records about it. In Lanning Situation's eyes, Things are all unimportant things, in other words, he himself has forgotten the promises he made, and he doesn't consider this kind of thing to be a big deal. race In the state and county, as far as front-line issues go, it has little to do with him.

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    Looking inside from the edge, she saw a lot of floating soil bubbles. She didn't know what was under that layer of floating soil, so she carefully went next to the bubble and used a folded corn branch. how to get it out of the floating soil. I picked it up from below, and I saw an ugly ball with all its limbs chopped off. The tick-like thing was disgusting, and she calmly put it back. The ground, all her attention fell on the ruins, stopping for a moment, she circled around the bubbling place on the ground, all the way to the ruins, the first thing she saw was the ground. two bodies. , the two corpses looked like monkeys, but the monkey was as long as their waist, seemingly dead a long time ago, but she didn't know why the monkey corpse appeared in this place.

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    Vuong Han did as he said, took a puff of this thick cigarette, used the light of the cigarette to distinguish some marks on the wall, and found a brick. The gap on the brick was indeed a bit empty. hollow. compared to the surrounding area. With the help of the herringbone knife in hand, slowly pry out the entire brick, and lock the dark gray stone brick a few centimeters away from the wall, then holding the knife in one hand, grab the single-use brick. His hand carefully pulled out, accompanied by the empty sound of the brick rubbing against the wall. Even though at this time Vuong Han did not turn his head to see what was behind the brick, he could already know his judgment. hear the sound, there will be no mistake, there must be something behind this brick!

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    Forget it, nowadays bows and arrows are dominant, the second thing is to prepare short swords in case of emergency, no need to use other people's bodies for fighting purposes, the entire logic of combat has changed. . " Wang Handian After taking a look at this long knife, this long knife should definitely not be carried with you. It's a pity, if you can know that there is a place that sells this long knife, the quality of the Knife This length is not bad, it sells for a lot of money.

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    If the golden essence outside had golden quality, then there would be no problem with all my strength, my body would not collapse, but if there was no golden essence outside, Then my body will be very weak, there will probably be a direct collapse, and at the same time all my strength will be exhausted in an instant. Vuong Han still calmly considered, all his strength relied on the original quality, whether it was the previous continent or district or the previous Van Co Tri. and the like is basically a variation of source quality, i.e. he has lived in source quality all his life and all his understanding is limited to controlling source quality, if there is no such thing as quality external source, then he must be making a joke here.

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    As expected, as I thought, children will have empty thoughts, so will I. After all, my memories are many, these memories always need a place to put them, and when my body is functioning normally, my soul will function normally, and my soul will function normally. If I function normally, it will continuously generate empty thought blocks. After having empty thought blocks, these empty thought light balls will be blurred into colors by memory. different colors, and these colors come from billions of dots inside the thought sphere. source in the outline, and inside the soul source there is also a light sphere of his own thoughts or fragments of memories.

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    Rearranging his thoughts took longer than Wang Han expected, he needed to start from scratch and perfectly integrate many conflicting ideas, how many years had he lived? I'm afraid that it will take a hundred million years, and in this hundred million years all the data will have to be adjusted again. This will be a terrifying amount of calculation, even if Vuong Han's own computing ability is good. It's amazing, but when he was here. After arranging everything, it actually took eight years! For a full eight years, he sat like that in a corner of the front line, closing his eyes as motionless as a stone statue. Today, after fixing all these memories, he finally opened his eyes, "This is not a matter of easy. I can't deal with some unrelated memories for the time being. I'm just focusing on taking care of the cognitive nodes that are very important in and of themselves and maintaining these nodes. I feel like now much better, at least There won't be as many voices in my head contradicting me, and I won't have so many noises obstructing my thinking every time I think about a problem.”

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    His behavior immediately attracted the attention of two rat-headed guards outside the fence. They saw Vuong Han coming from afar. As soon as they saw Vuong Han, they were very scared, but when they saw Vuong Han, they were very scared. Wang Han after Wang Han revealed his expression. Overall, the state was quite calm. Although they did not put down the weapons in their hands, their expressions communicated at this time.

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    Now I have completely grasped the logic from Lanning Situ's memories. Once I connect all the logic together, I can see what the end goal is. Otherwise, whether it is Lanning Situ or these so-called earls, they are just part of the controller, completely the status of middlemen, they don't know what they are doing at all. , so I have to clarify the whole thing. After finishing speaking, Vuong Han also sighed softly, "Originally, this matter has nothing to do with me, but after seeing failed people become like this, I can't ignore it, otherwise I wouldn't care." it, then I no one will care about this matter, so in the end, if this project really Must proceed, God knows what will happen in the end, if it is really said that the city gate is on fire causing fish in the ao, that's really boring with no dead ends."

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    Vuong Han thought of this and also looked up at the sky, "Perhaps now I have found Tu Hai's purpose for leaving this place, can directly condense the golden quality of this place, and then control it through Golden Elemental Qi." woven from pure gold has directly turned me into a product made entirely from pure gold, so the world woven with ordinary pure quality may not contain me, perhaps I don't need to do anything At all, I will be able to leave this world directly. And even though I haven't left this world yet, through some golden element characteristics, it's not difficult to discover that there are strong people among them, and the mountains are higher than the mountains. Eternal truth, no one can say that they are already a noble person in their position, let alone an invincible existence."

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    That's a bit unbelievable. For Dai'er, even if she is not from the county clan, but is from the Thieu clan, it is impossible for her to leave the county alliance and return directly. native land. So many years have passed, she doesn't know where her hometown is, the Alliance district is alone in this area, except for an empty space, there is nothing left, so even if she wants to leave, State and district alliance, she simply did not know where to go. This made Dai'er, on the one hand, certain that Vuong Han had no problem, but on the other hand, she really doubted that Vuong Han on this side belonged to a distant existence, after all, Vuong Han was also a person. can appear directly from nowhere. If you really want to say you don't have this kind of decisive ability, it must be impossible.

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    "It's okay, this is what I should do. After all, you didn't kill me directly that year. This is really not easy." He waved his hand, "That's it. I just came here to say hello to you. I simply wanted to learn about some virtual beast breeding cabins. There was no reason to stay, so I left." outside, I won't bother you to continue participating." project research.”

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    So I can take a chance for once. I collect all the images into one group of thinking light spheres, then collect all the important text in another series of thinking light spheres and call each other. I don't need to know the details of where I've been to this place before, I just need to know the feeling that I've been to this place before, so that the cooperation between the two balls of light can avoid repeating the image as much as possible. maybe. Persistent storage. But it's easy to say, but in reality it's very complicated. I don't know how the logic of the two resonates with each other. Why can some words and some simple lines bring me a unique sense of memory? I just need you to control this, then All the trivial things under this feeling won't be so important, anyway I left behind the insights and abandoned the memories.

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    “I don't know if Uncle Vuong Han thinks so or not, but I will do so.” Tieu Truong Dang is steadfast.

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    On the train, Vuong Han thought a lot about Phac Can Liet and Tieu, but sometimes he couldn't think directly about it. The rest of Vuong Han still needed to be shouldered by his side. better to experience it for yourself. Now he needs to go to humanity's side to see the situation, at least ask Lanning Xiaoxi about some things in the past, these things are more important. There were a few people on the ship who directly recognized Vuong Han, but because Vuong Han was currently closing his eyes, they could only talk in low voices from afar, but if they came directly to bother him, there would be nothing. Vuong Han Han was very happy. relax, sometimes look at the scenery flying outside the window, quietly feel the beauty that finally appears from this pile of sources.

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    “It's me, Vuong Han.” Vuong Han said.

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    "I don't want someone else's face, can I pinch one according to my aesthetic?" Daier asked, and under her signal, a game appeared on the center's small ball of light. This is a face pinch game. The screen, including the body, can be adjusted directly.

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    "Isn't that right? Don't normal prefectures never ask how a child feels when they give birth?"

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    This matter was not over yet, Vuong Han went to a white pill again, did the same experiment once, got used to it twice, this time he saw this small "comma" more clearly, compared to the comma in the previous empty pill, this is a black comma, a white comma, inside there is a kind of hooked jade feeling, then these two commas are swallowed and fused together, and the source The final gold to be merged, is a standard small sphere, "In other words, the golden essence itself will... will split and split into two, one is Xuwan and the other is Baiwan, Xuwan itself and Baiwan is more prone to internal errors, that is, condensing into different states, the county is an individual, so how Is it possible that the quality of the golden source force controls the entire quantity? Anyway, if we continue If you continue to make mistakes, the consequences will be very serious, ruin like a plague, this must be the concept of time in there, right?"

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    don't know! I don't know this count! This is the first time I hear you speak! started not sweating, his whole body appeared overly calm, all kinds of body language appeared, what he did now was to try his best to make the man in front of him believe what he said, and At this time, I thought, as long as he doesn't admit it, no one will directly betray him, even the count will not betray him, because they will all be favored people, will not break the promise, otherwise the consequences will be very miserable! So, without evidence, he has absolutely nothing wrong, and can even directly bite back against Vuong Han's false accusations!