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    There's a reason why he's so tired. Not knowing where to get the news, after learning that he was coming to Nanjing, giants in the food service industry from Nanjing, Shanghai and other places all rushed to negotiate business with him, waving checks to sign contracts. I agree with you, ordered large lobster and the saury, puffer fish and abalone were amazing. It's impossible, the Qiangji Seafood Wholesale Bureau has built up a reputation throughout the country in the past two months. Just being a catering company, it's impossible not to know that there's a boy who gets such a large quantity of these kinds of food. Rare seafood of excellent quality, such as a large lobster, a half-sized saury, premium abalone, sea cucumbers, even herring have almost disappeared in the Duong River Tu, it's all money! The trouble is that this guy's business is limited to Beijing, they can only go to Beijing to place orders, it's really troublesome, now they finally caught him back in Nanjing, a group of people immediately came, both inside and outside had the same meaning: Boss Xue, when will you open a wholesale department in Nanjing? Our great swords are hungry and thirsty! During the time Sophie was in a coma, he mainly dealt with these things, every day dealing with those old foxes in the business field, it was tiring! But you have to work when you're tired. How can you not be tired when doing business?

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    Now Chen Jianfeng had a taste of being awakened by throwing marijuana seeds in while he was fast asleep. This loud shout rocked his achievement report, his award certificate, and his successive promotions to three levels. In a dream, he trembled violently as if he were thrown a kick by Professor Yang, a magnetic storm infantryman, with both feet. He smashed a piece of iron on the edge of the iron gum to stop it. someone sleeps too much and falls off the bed. of the iron fence of the plant man who had just bloomed and was watered was kicked away, his eyes widened in horror, as if seeing a Sanba wearing a yellow helmet, two diapers on his head, and a the well- armed with bayonets Mother-in-law's Japanese soldiers were grinning at him... No way, the curse just now was too Japanese!

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