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    We can't help but harass them, what good is a militia? Isn't it just harassment and sniping? As the Japanese troops busied themselves around the railway and kicked off their heels to keep their feet from getting muddy, militiamen hiding a few kilometers away happily pulled out several 82 mm mortars aimed at the Japanese on the railway, steel ball bombs from the fuses. Explosion has been introduced. The factors were calculated in advance, the time it took for the bullet to hit the rails was also calculated naturally, the time fuse was adjusted just right, the bullet exploded when it hit the sky above. The railway and steel inside fell out, blowing them away. Dance!

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    Lin was always very good at besieging points to compete for reinforcements. From the time of the Red Army to the war against Japan, he played this strategy excellently, countless opponents fell before this tactic. Surrounding a regiment commander of the Japanese army is a rare thing, of course we cannot let go of such a delicious bait, we must rush into the siege to fight for help!

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    Yoshida Tatsuo said weakly: "This is not good. The army is almost driven crazy by diarrhea and the cold wind. Please quickly launch an attack and save us from this terrifying hell, please!"

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    The Eighth Army had no intention of letting them go like this, and the attack became more and more fierce and fierce. Bombs in the air roared above the heads of the Japanese troops, heavy artillery on the ground simultaneously opened fire, hundreds of tanks rolled around on the yellow sand all over the sky... Under such fierce firepower, the Japanese army completely lost their will. fight. fought, and only one person escaped. Although the Japanese army is always famous for its ferocity, it still has the opportunity to score points. Ordos is a ghostly place, there is no place to hide, even water is difficult to find, even if they risk their lives to defend, cannot be defended. Small units surrendered more and more frequently; on the third day after the Qinzhidao disaster, the 3rd Armored Brigade, charging ahead, accepted the surrender of more than 400 Japanese soldiers—you know, in seven Last year, the number of Japanese soldiers captured and surrendered by the Eighth Army was at any rate only eight or nine hundred.

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "The director has already made arrangements. What can I do?" He refuses to let Secretary Li arrange housing for Xue Min, so he lets Xue Min stay with him. There's still an empty room left anyway, so don't waste it. He asked the guard to tell him to go to the military supply office to get two blankets. While waiting to get the blankets, Tiet Man swept the floor and made himself a simple desk, his hands and feet were really agile. Having finished speaking, she hung the dagger on the wall, moved her wrist joints, making the joints crackle, and breathed out a white breath: "Done, Sailor Moon goes to sleep!"

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